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14th Annual Art Gala May 9th

The 14th Annual Art Gala On Friday, May 9th from 6-10pm At Paradise Point Resort & Spa

The art gala taking place on Friday, May 9th, 2014 will be featuring silent and live auctions of surf gear, vacation spa and vacation packages, artwork, and other elegant items. Viewers are sure to also discover an interactive live art installations and projects from the likes of Rodney Rodrigo Mccoubrey, Sean Dietrich, and Wade Koniakowsky. Nevertheless, the San Diego musicians Paul Cannon and Tristan Prettyman will be offering top-notch music that glow with longevity.

Art Gala San Diego 2014

There are other confirmed artists who will be performing in the art gala great event. This can be found in the likes of Udo Wahn, Tim Bessell,Thomas Ackerman, Thayne Yungman, Susan Wickstrand, Sunshine Johnson, Steven Valiere, Skye Walker, Sean Ruttkay, Sean Davey, Roy Kerckhoffs, Rob Havassy, Rob Machado, Rick Erkneff, Rich Morrison, Pearl Preis, Patricia Erlers, Pamela Knudsen, just to mention a few. Nevertheless, you will also find the likes of Nikki Gagliardo, Nicole Boramanand, Nicky Alice, Nathan Gibbs, Mike Field, Michael Slattery, Mariah Cochrane, Maia Walczak,Maia Negre, and many more. Tickets are available presently for people willing to purchase. This edition of the art gala taking place on Friday,May 9th, 2014 will remain exciting and amazing. For you not to miss the show, it is highly important to secure your ticket today because tomorrow may be too late. Still on the event, confirmed artists such as Lorrie Blackard, Laurie Rothrock, Laura Fogg, Khryztof, Kelly Cook, Kim Kurch, Julie Goldstein, Josh Whalen, John Culqui, John Corning will be joining the host of others to perform greatly.

With all been said, you are highly encouraged to buy your tickets early. You can learn more and purchase tickets here.

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